When should you abandon a flush draw and pair up?

Posted at Fri Dec 13 2013

Suppose you start a hand with -- / AImage 5Image / KImage TImage 6Image and your opponent has -- / JImage TImage / KImage 7Image 7Image. On what street do you abandon your flush draw and pair up?

abandon flush draws royalties

If you don’t know the answer, you’re not alone. This is one of toughest spots to play correctly in OFC and most, if not all, players don’t have the right answer.

In this article, I will use Warren’s OFC Simulator to help me figure out what is the correct play.

Suppose we get QImage on 6th street and JImage on 7th street. Our opponent gets 8Image on 6th street and a 5Image on 7th street.

On 8th street, we get a TImage. Where should we set it?

abandon flush draws royalties to pair up

We should pair up because we can beat our opponent’s bottom hand.

abandon flush draws royalties to pair up

But what if our opponent has KImage 7Image 7Image 7Image instead of KImage 8Image 7Image 7Image? Should we go for a flush?

As you can see, if we don’t have a chance of beating our opponent’s back, we should draw for the flush because we will likely get scooped anyway.

![go for flush draws royalties]( http://i.imgur.com/o2hr6U1.png")

But at what point does it become +EV for Hero to abandon drawing for a flush and try to win the top or middle? Let’s see what Hero’s equity if he gets the TImage on 9th street instead of 8th street.

On 9th street, it’s fairly close between abandoning the flush draw and pairing up.

go for flush draws royalties

It’s only on 10th street and with only 3 more draws to go that you should abandon your flush draw and pair up. go for flush draws royalties

In the final analysis, if your opponent’s back is beating you and can improve to royalties, you’ll need to play aggressive for royalties as well.

Strategies might change depending on other factors such as if you have a pair in middle position and is likely to beat your opponent’s middle or if you pair up and can beat your opponent’s back. This is important because it lowers your chance of getting scooped and you won’t have to play as aggressive to prevent yourself from getting scooped.

This is one of the many examples of when to abandon your flush royalties. You use Warren’s OFC Simulator to play around with different boards and royalties scenarios so you can have a big edge and crush your opponents. Click here to sign up